Albert Regaby, 1st Viscount and 6th Baron Harwick (17 April 1864 - 31 December 1947), popularly known as Lord Harwick, was a Sudrian nobleman and railway executive. He played an integral role in the formation of the North Western Railway and served as its first Chairman, front 1915 to 1934.


Lord Albert was born in 1864, the son of the 5th Baron, Lord Frederick Regaby. He ascended to the Barony and the family's Cronk Abbey Estate in 1886.

In 1908 he was made a director of the Sodor and Mainland Railway. In 1914 he was made chairman of the newly formed North Western Railway. He spent much of the next 20 promoting the Railway and ensuring it's success. He stepped down as chairman in 1934. He was elevated to Viscount Harwick in that years New Year's Honours for his service to Sodor's railways.

He died in 1947. His son Lord Colonel Henry Regaby M.C. D.S.O. inherited the Viscountcy.


  • He is a descendent of Sir Peter de Rigby, a knight of King Henry IV who secured the Island of Sodor's loyalty to the Crown.