• Designer: Sir Arthur Heywood
  • Builder: Duffield Bank, rebuilt Yorkshire Engine Co., Arlesburgh Works
  • Built: 1899, rebuilt 1929, 1973
  • Gauge: 15 inch
  • Configuration: 0-8-2, originally 0-8-0T
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1967

Bert is a blue minature tender engine, who is the oldest and quietest of the Arlesdale Railway engines.



Bert is the quietest, and wisest of the Arlesdale Railway engines. He is very easy going and friendly, and dislikes the arguments Rex and Mike commonly get into. One thing Bert doesn’t like, however, is the idea that bigger engines (and some people) might look down on the little engines just because they’re small. Bert usually gets on with his jobs without complaining and doesn’t mind what kind of work he does as long as he’s treated with respect. He, Rex and Mike enjoy singing.


Bert is painted NWR blue with red and yellow lining. He has a brass dome, brass builder's plates on the sides of cab, red nameplates with gold writing mounted on each side of his boiler and "ARLESDALE" written on the sides of his tender in yellow. On his old railway, he was painted green with red lining, like Rex.


  • He has a sister, River Irt, who was originally named Muriel.
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