Bill and Ben
  • Numbers: SCC 1 and SCC 2
  • Class: Bagnall 0-4-0STs
  • Designer: W.G. Bagnall Ltd.
  • Builder: Castle Engine Works
  • Built: 1949
  • Configuration: 0-4-0ST
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1950

Bill and Ben are cheeky tank engine twins who work at the Sodor China Clay Pits, though they can commonly be found at Brendam Docks. They formerly worked at the Anopha Quarry.



Bill and Ben are Sodor's mischievous saddle tank engine twins, who have great fun in teasing the other engines of the railway. They often work in the China Clay Pits and quarries. Their loads of clay can be used for many things such as paper, paint, and pottery. They take trucks for engines on the Main Line and ships in the harbour and are regularly seen around Brendam Docks. They enjoy attention and love taking visitors around and being photographed. They tend to work together, like most twins, but even this youthful pair can have their arguments among themselves and can squabble with one another. They are highly prone to playing tricks and being cheeky. They have even teased Gordon on more than one occasion. Duck has called them "the bees" before, for being terrors when they start buzzing around. Edward and BoCo are the only engines who can really keep them in order enough to put a stop to their games and make them scamper along and behave. There is no real harm to them, but even Edward admits that they are maddening at times.


Bill and Ben are painted dark yellow with red lining and wheels. They both have brass nameplates with thier names in gold and the intials "SCC" painted on the sides of their saddle tanks and "BRENDAM BAY" written on the fronts, both in yellow. They have number plates reading "1" (Bill) and "2" (Ben) above their faces and the back of their cabs.

The twins were once briefly painted dark blue with blue wheels, yellow lining and yellow lettering.


  • They are also "twins" with Judy and Alfred, two other Bagnall 0-4-0s who formerly worked at the Port of Par.
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