Crovan's Gate Works, also known as the Sodor Steamworks, is the main locomotive and rolling stock repair facility on the Island of Sodor.


The Crovan's Gate Works has its origins in basic maintenance sidings established at Crovan's Gate by the Sodor & Mainland Railway shortly after its opening in 1853. Some expansion was made to these in 1860's, with some proper facilties being built, though these were still only cable of general repairs. They were, none the less, superior to those offered by the other standard gauge railways, with the presence of the Skarloey Railway providing a boost and making Crovan's Gate Sodor's engineering centre. The facilities closed in 1895 due to lack of funds.

When the North Western Railway was formed in 1914, construction of a proper works facility was part of its government mandated tasks. As the most expansive site, and as such the one offering the most room for development.





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