Mr. Fergus Duncan
"The Small Controller"
  • Born: 1936

Fergus Duncan, CBE (born 21 May 1936), nicknamed "The Small Controller", is a Sudrian railway executive. He served as General Manager of the Arlesdale Railway for 40 years, making him the longest serving Sudrian railway manager.


Fergus Duncan was born on the 21st of May 1936 in Arlesdale to Gerald and Frances Duncan, as part of a family with long standing railway connections. His maternal great-grandfather assisted in the construction of the Mid Sodor Railway, while his grandfathers, on both sides, and father were drivers. Fergus very much enjoyed the railway, and planned on following in his father's footsteps into a railway career. Unfortunately, the MSR closed in January 1947 and the Duncan family was forced to move to Tidmouth a few months later, after Fergus finished primary.


Fergus Duncan was very passionate about his work, and never married. He preferred instead to devote his life to work on his railway.


His father was Michael Duncan, who worked as a driver and engineer on the MSR, and his mother was Sigrid Duncan, who worked as a tea lady at Arlesdale Green Station. He never married nor does he have children. He had a sister named Veronica, whose son Francis succeed him as controller.


The least formally dressed of the controllers, Fergus Duncan's attire consists of a yellow waistcoat over a white shirt with a red tie and a brown jacket over it, with orange chequered trousers. He wears a yellow flower on his jacket


  • His nickname doesn't refer to his height, he was, in fact, the tallest of the controllers, but the fact that his railway is nicknamed the "Small" Railway.