A map of the line

The Great Waterton Branch Line is a North Western Railway branch line that runs from Crovan's Gate to Great Waterton. Due to a vast amount of Bluebell flowers that grow beside the tracks, the line is nicknamed the "Bluebell Line".


The line formed part of the original Sodor Tramways.

Operations and Stations

The line begins northeast of Crovan's Gate, at the Transfer Yards on Arthur's Branch Line and travels up to the Depot, where it runs next to the Skarloey Railway until it splits at Bluebell Valley Station. The two lines reconverge to go through two parallel tunnels, before the branch line splits up at a junction with one line going to the Rolling River Bridge and the other running past Green Hills Junction until the line finally stops at Great Waterton. The main engine sheds are located here



  • Stepney enjoys working on the line when he visits Sodor.
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