• Class: GER Wisbech & Upwell passenger coach
  • Builder: GER Stratford Works
  • Built: 1884
  • Configuration: Bogied

"Hasty" Hannah is a vintage passenger coach on the North Western Railway. She works with Toby, her sister Henrietta and Elsie on Thomas' and Toby's branch lines as part of "The Vintage" train.


Hannah was built in 1884 as the 8th and last coach for the Wisbech & Upwell Tramway, and the second bogie coach. While her sisters were relatively content with the slow and simple life on the Tramway, Hannah wanted more excitement in her life. She always pushed the trams that pulled her to go faster, much to the displeasure of her sisters; the only one that was sympathetic to her was Henrietta. The Tramway had strict speed limits, though they were raised several times, much to Hannah's delight, though not to the levels she wanted. In 1927, passenger services on the Tramway ceased and the passenger stock was dispersed to several othet railways; Hannah and her other bogied sister went too the Kelvedon & Tollesbury Light Railway.



Hannah is painted yellow-orange with black handrails and a white roof. Her name is painted on her sides in white.


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