Sir Robert Norramby
  • Born: 1914
  • Died: 2014
  • Inherited Earldom: 1943
"I love a good surprise!"
— Sir Robert Norramby

Brigadier Robert Charles Norramby, 15th Earl of Sodor, KG, PC, DSO, MC (21 February 1914 - 30 August 2014), usually known as Sir Robert Norramby, was a Sudrian peer, soldier and entrepreneur. He owned Ulfstead Castle, its surrounding estate and railway, and notably developed it into a major tourist attraction. He was a good friend of Sir Charles Topham Hatt.


Robert was born to Lord Charles Henry Norramby, heir to the Earldom of Sodor, and Lady Cecelia Norramby on the 21st of February 1914 at Cashtal Manor, Ulfstead. Six months after his birth, the First World War began and his father, a Major in the Sodor Regiment, was sent to Europe to fight. He returned on leave in March 1915 to celebrate Robert's belated first birthday, during which time Robert's grandfather, Henry Arnold, passed away and his father became Earl, with Robert gaining the courtesy title of Viscount Ulfstead. The elder Norramby feared for his family's safety in the event of attack, beliving the Ulfstead Estate would be a prime target, so arranged for his wife and son to move in with his friend, Topham Hatt at Crovan's Gate.

The Hatts had a son of their own, Charles Topham, only a couple of months younger than Robert, and the two became close friends during the course of the War. His father would finally return from the War in May 1919, bringing with him a small narrow gauge engine named Millie. That September he began school at Cronk Abbey, alongside Charles.


Sir Robert Norramby was a railway buff and a gentleman explorer, who owned an estate on the Island of Sodor. With his white beard and longish hair he may have seemed a little eccentric, but he was an old friend of Sir Topham Hatt who had come home to the island after many years travelling the world. Sir Robert was a kind and caring man, but he could be stern to his engines if they misbehave.



Sir Robert wore a dark grey dress jacket over a red patterned waistcoat, a white shirt and a blue ascot, with grey trousers and black boots.


  • His full title was The Right Honourable Lord Robert Charles Norramby, Earl of Sodor.
  • He had the subsidiary titles of Viscount Ulfstead and Baron Norramby
  • He was sometimes incorrectly called the Duke of Sodor, due to his involvement in the Ducy of Lancaster, which lacks a Duke.